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Basic Glitches

by eleventyseven

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Killing My Vibe 70’s sci-fi future just sent us the bill We’re all sedated and relatable and ready to chill You took away my drive but you gave me all of the feels hey I got a hi-fi handle on all of my business Is that the future so bright or the radiation sickness? We’ve got the alchemy to turn tiny problems to trauma I’m sending every last positive thought to your drama but Yawl are killing my vibe Yawl are killing my vibe Why can’t you let these sleeping dogs die Yawl are killing my vibe Oh you’re killing my vibe, killing my vibe, killing my vibe Oh you’re killing my vibe, killing my vibe, killing my vibe Whether you’re magic or muggle man the struggle is real Jacked up on goldfish and attention deficit pills We’re just some grown-ass kids who don’t know how to deal hey We’ve got the map to the backyard bones that you buried Down in some stay at home moms and pop’s secretary We caught you summoning a savior hellbent on destruction A whole fist of itchy trigger fingers next to the button
Fear the Fire Got these bones in my knees cryin’ out for relief I was 6 years old, even then felt the heat from you You know I tried to tame myself for you And you might not believe it but I Touched myself brought about the apocalypse Crushed my health while my trust turned to rust in you I prayed away myself for you We don’t fear the fire And we don’t need your ceremony Sacraments or matrimony We don’t fear the fire And we don’t need permission slips Your vaccinized evangelists hey Had a dream that you watched me die You lit the cigarette that burned me alive So give my best to the 99 We don’t fear the fire I was birthed headfirst Into shame into flame like a Curse burning my wonder into waste for you You know I ran away just like I do And all that lingers are these Teenage blood pact promises we made They sink like fangs into me when I think of you I threw away the best parts of me for you Gloomy organ music will tell us all to pay respects What if your certainty isn’t currency for whatever happens next?
Birthrite 03:21
Birthrite Tell us some clever metaphor Sing us a hymn or strum us a power chord How bout I just try and say something honestly? I don’t think I have what you’re asking for I’m just like Jesus Christ why does the hum get louder? Take another sip in and then get numb about it Maybe I need a new way to shame out of me All this toxic inner mythology Down here in the low life Where we got no way to be I got some bad blood from my birthright And there’s no one coming for me Wish we’d have known that you left the pack Me and the kids want our money back Yeah we liked you better galactical So read the script or nothing at all Hallelujah all my sisters and all my brothers Maybe some animals are more equal than others Yeah i guess just being honest and showing some emotion Has got all these people doubting my commitment to Sparkle Motion so I’m...
Skip 03:56
Skip Living this caffeine dream Is taking its toll on me I worship the chemicals Blurring this line between Love and dopamine Until it’s invisible Watching my own thoughts suffocate Drowning under amber waves of ad space Sucking in some rat race propaganda So we travel the stars in our avatars Begging heaven for a reset password Oh I think this world apart Till my brain runs out of breath It’s like an armageddon in my head until there’s nothing left It’s a blue pill kind of life When you haven’t lived one yet Just skipping myself to death All for the end of the ad For the end of the ad For the end of the ad Ghost in a sad machine Feeding me fantasies like it’s algorithmical Blurring this line between Medicated me and what was original Staying young Going numb from making all our moments into rock shows Life behind a not so candid camera So we travel the bars in our avatars Making memories we manufacture
Letterman Jacket I told you I would come for you I pulled you out of heaven too I know you’re not that into labels but I Broke all that I promised you Cause that promise broke me too But I don’t miss the cool kid’s table Oh I’ve tried making it home but I Drunk drive every wheel I find myself behind I find myself behind and I Wear my heart on my habit This scarlet letterman jacket is worn enough for two From all that we’ve been through I wander around the house at night Too scared to sleep cause I Can’t shake this dream I’m having lately that we Bleed out before the medics show Float up to find the gates are closed You turn away and say you blame me Futures turn to bucket lists Our seconds into sunken ships Our whispers are turning into screams Do you ever second guess These chains that tie you to my mess? It runs too deep to ever clean
Cookie 03:21
Cookie Never made it in the punk rock crowd I Beep boop just a little too loud I’m Pet sematary can’t keep me down now Hey Mr. sound guy, just make me loud guy Google search you can find me on a mission with a stacked backpack full of whack ambition now The whole planet is my brand new kitchen I’m mixing up fixin’s like a Sunday dinner now Soak it all in but remember A true butterfly knows that he come from a caterpillar Let the fruit show where the root comes from Some people earn wings, some find’em in a trust fund Old songs in a new key Green Day sold a whole lot of Dookie Gotta switch up my routine Nom nom me want a whole lotta cookie Smash buttons till the game over It’s a lot of hard work stayin’ woke, stayin’ sober If you can’t take the love don’t lean for the kiss Lot about living in a band van that I don’t miss Put a fist through a rich kid’s mouth Played a lot of rock shows nobody gave a shit about Coulda’ took state but the team backed out Yawl hated on my tracks don’t act like you miss’em now Take the good with the bad times Take struggle like a vitamin Sad times invite them in When the stress test puts pressure on your purse Know a paycheck ain’t a measure of your worth, son Let the love run through you Let your complicated past make a path to your future You can find joy if you know where to look Some people hide it down in another dumb hook like
Battlecats 02:55
Battlecats Had a great reputation but I ruined it Homeschool denim outgrew the fit Might be just a Carolina kid but I got a full wit Not a famer I ain’t shoveling nobody’s bullshit Where my girls at? What my guys say? Throw your hands up but watch the fan blades Karaoke battlecats make it rattle all night like Garth Brooks come to level up your nightlife They call me Red Cup, cause I’m solo Going full metal nerd on some Chad in a polo Takin’ up my downtown areas in slo-mo This ain’t the ocean bother why yawl gotta showboat? Hold up, yawl should know though I hadouken like Street Fighter 2 Turbo Find your zen, find your inner slow globe But you got a lot to lose if you choose to be a bro though Out here like Bagheera and a mancub Lips zipped like the first rule of Fight Club Just a champion made out of Mighty Duck stuff If you’re bored with a Gryffindor Come cuddle with a Hufflepuff Hulk smash on an air horn Yawl are catching me in rare form Cause if I’m piloting the virus then we’re going airborne REO Speedwagon I’m crashing through your door on a unicorn
Shelf Life 03:26
Shelf Life Take back all the heroes Send us a loser We all fight the admin And end up a user All the people are crying Send us a saviour The kind that you find in Big metadata I’m floating like a caught cosmonaut up in my headspace Trying to make sense of the pattern Somewhere in the hype yeah we all got A bad case of the bends just swimming for the top If the good die numb under spotlights We’re the useless ones with the shelf life We can’t hear the lesson Over the shooter We can’t see the here and now Over the future But we got what we need to Take on the empire We load up a shot glass To put out the hellfire I feel a little cached out crowded and forgotten Someone tell me i matter We’re the useless sons on the run from A bad taste in the wells where we come from If the good die numb we’re the wrong type We’re the useless ones with the shelf life
Dizzy 03:43
Dizzy Dizzy baby Raisin’ hell Ending back at that apartment That you call a prison cell She says lately I can’t tell If I love the anonymity or just the painted shell Change of scenery and personnel We’ll be back after these messages and chintzy zinfandel Kiss me quietly or Kiss and tell But if I catch you glimpsing into me I’ll end it all myself Nobody knows me like that but I wish you did Forget the car, turn my heart around instead baby Nobody knows me like that but what if you did? What if you did? Dizzy baby terrified That she blew her 20’s waiting for her 20’s to arrive She said chase me Race the tide I don’t know what the hell I’m running from but love the exercise Oh I’ve been living every night Like tomorrow isn’t coming now it must have passed me by Would you take me for a drive If i told you i would push you out when we hit 55? oh baby
Natsunoyo 02:43
Natsunoyo Sad nights into Saturdays Winter left a mess that the summer rains wash away 6 months of coming unglued just Laugh until we cry till we run out of booze but I feel the same when I feel you Cause you feel like home Oh you’ve been my truth There’s not a mountain that I wouldn’t move for another For another summer night with you Time flies if you let it free Life is turning into work, rinse, repeat Can we untangle what we tuned into Turn these wedding rings into new tattoos cause I feel the same when I feel you Cause you feel like home Oh you’ve been my truth Every plan I’ve made has changed but you


released January 17, 2020

Written, Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Matt Langston
Mastered by Troy Glessner


all rights reserved



eleventyseven Asheville, North Carolina

Eleventyseven is Unicorn Rock.

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